CCAL-College of Community Association Lawyers Fellowship - Frank A Lombardi - A Lesson in DOUBLESPEAK - In 2014, OPPOSED PRO-OWNER BILL for obtaining financials from condo boards. Stewardship + Fiduciary Responsibility.

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"The beginning of HOA legislative reform and improved governance thus begins with dispelling the belief that the CAI represents home owners; curtailing the CAI’s influence with our Government agencies, media, and legislators."
Mass Bill H1110 establishes condominium ombudsman within office of Attorney General (AG) that could POTENTIALLY protect condo owners from predatory practices of HOA condo boards, property management companies, and law firms shilling for CAI and CCAL.
CCAL-College of Community Association Lawyers Fellowship - Frank A Lombardi - In 2014, OPPOSED PRO-OWNER BILL for obtaining financials from condo boards. His stance has probably not changed.
THE CHARLATANS of Swing: FRAN HADDAD - Charles Court East Board - Century 21 Commonwealth - Key Advantage Realty - CAI and Authoritarian HOA Regimes
Ellen Shapiro: Ellen A. Shapiro, Esq., a Principal, Co-Founder of GOODMAN, SHAPIRO, and LOMBARDI (GSL), Dedham. She is a former prosecutor for the Norfolk County District Attorney’s office. Shapiro oversees the lien enforcement process.
Boston Globe, July 23, 2014: Condo bill would toughen rules for document access. FRANK LOMBARDI opposed enforcement of the existing MA law despite the fact that many condo owners cannot obtain financial records.
A Sci-Fi Short Film HD: "Vengeance" - by Julian Fitzpatrick

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"Frank A. Lombardi, Esq. received the only fellowship bestowed on a New England attorney this year by the College of Community Association Lawyers (CCAL). He is one of 11 given the honor nationally and is the managing partner in the Rhode Island office for the law firm of Goodman, Shapiro and Lombardi, which practices condo law in MA, RI and NH. Henry A Goodman, who was elected to the CCAL Board of Governors last year, co-founded the GSL firm in 1998. He was on hand to welcome Lombardi into the college during swearing-in ceremonies held the end of January in San Francisco. CCAL was established in 1993, by the Community Associations Institute to recognize excellence in community association law, which includes over 300,000 condominiums and homeowner associations throughout the country. Of the thousands of attorneys practicing condominium law in the United States, only 140 have been granted prestigious membership in the College. CCAL attorneys distinguish themselves through contributions to the development of community association law. Their service is demonstrated by a commitment to educate and empower condo and HOA boards and residents. CCAL provides a forum for the exchange of information among experienced legal professionals. Its goals include promoting high standards of professional and ethical responsibility, improving and advancing community association law and facilitating the development of educational materials and programming on relevant legal issues."
++ "Frank Lombardi, president of the New England chapter of the Community Associations Institute, said the group worries the bill could result in frivolous legal action being taken against condo boards." “'While we absolutely are open to making those records available, we’re concerned about people exploiting it,” Lombardi said. “We think the [existing] statute is fine.”' His stance has probably NOT changed. ++ (DANCING WITH THE LITRO / NEEDHAM STARS at GAS STATION! Video of Elena and Disco Romancing mythologizes the magical, enchanting diversions ON the mandatory ROAD trip NOT to MANDALAY or to MACONDO (with 100 years of solitude) BUT to BEDFORD to obtain state mandated financials from The Dartmouth Group, but NOTHING ROMANTIC there!) ++ ++ STEWARDSHIP + FIDUCIARY RESPONSIBILITY: For about two years, CCE owners have received virtually NO BUSINESS INFORMATION from the board. The credit rating agencies, "firms which rate debt instruments / securities according to the debtor's ability to pay lenders back — played a significant role at various stages in the American subprime mortgage crisis of 2007-2008". The failure of many HOAs to provide owners with timely and accurate information might lead to the creation of a CONDO BUBBLE and its eventual COLLAPSE, in my opinion. AND WHY AREN'T BOARD MEETINGS OPEN AT CHARLES COURT EAST? ++
++ 5/02/15: LAST MINUTE MANAGEMENT BY FIAT 1. The passing of board member Shirley Ellis was reported in the Boston Globe of April 12, 2015. The Dartmouth Group and / or the board has yet to report that fact to owners. I have heard an unconfirmed report from a third party that FRAN HADDAD asked DR WILLIAM PARKS to rejoin the board and he declined. It appears that the board wants to keep the REPLACEMENT SELECTION PROCESS SECRET. 2. On Friday, May 1, Geof Tillotson, Dartmouth Group property manager, and board members checked every patio and balcony (front and back) and summarily issued emails to ‘inappropriate furniture’ scofflaws. This action would not be so strange except that such monitoring has not been done for two or three years and it came with NO WARNING as is the case with most CCE board actions. 3. During the annual meeting, an owner offered that the board - owner relationship would not be so adversarial if owners were given more information about what the board is doing. In my opinion, this ineffective, self-absorbed board kicks-the-can down the road unable to make decisions about anything OR makes a bad decision without getting advice or buy-in from ANY owners (or from anyone, for that matter)—the most egregious example is the paving project of several years ago. It was unnecessarily expensive with insufficient specs. Further, it was poorly executed with apparently no warranties. Where is the stewardship? 4. DOUBLESPEAK: The HIGH-SOARING RHETORIC of GOODMAN, SHAPIRO, and LOMBARDI GSL (“high standards of professional and ethical responsibility” BLAH BLAH), THE DARTMOUTH GROUP (“striving to be the best” and “true service” BLAH BLAH), and the CHARLES COURT EAST board CRASHES and BURNS when scrutinized. Just listen to owners and give them the operational, business, and financial information that they require. If necessary, I can give you an earful. JUST DO IT NOW! Start by opening board meetings at Charles Court East, Geof Tillotson and Fran Haddad. +
++ Come on, Henry. Don't be ornery! You and the other GSL boys and girls read (and write) contracts, bylaws, and other legal documents with nit combs. Why can’t you be more specific about the goals of the CCAL other than saying “promoting high standards of professional and ethical responsibility, improving and advancing community association law and facilitating the development of educational materials and programming”? What the hell do those words mean? What are the actual GOALS? Frankly, I have not seen ANY professional and ethical responsibility. The CPA license of The Dartmouth Group’s VP and Controller expired in 1989. Nothing has been reported about that. In what specific ways do CCAL attorneys “distinguish themselves through contributions to the development of community association law”? This writeup makes the CCAL sound like the ‘college of cardinals’. If it is like that, what are its underlying tenets? What is the DOGma in the fight? In what specific ways do they “empower condo residents” (owners)? Please start by providing JUST ONE example of how the CAI and CCAL help owners and enable them to obtain the information that they require. At Charles Court East board meetings are closed and there is precious little information of ANY kind. To me, this is DOUBLESPEAK! The Community Associations Institute CAI and College of Community Lawyers CCAL are clearly TOXIC to the interests of condo owners because their actions, policies, and dogma belie their words. ++